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Review ProAc Response DT8

Review ProAc Response DT8

ProAc Response DT8 

Several years have passed since the previous testing of ProAc columns. After spending some time with the new Response DT8 floorstanding speakers , we regretted it was taking so long. Even if these beauties are not quite perfect, their harmonious and musical sound would do credit to any other representatives of this price category.

Construction and Compatibility

Review ProAc Response DT8

The presence of two types of 16.5 cm mid/bass drivers working in tandem is interesting from a design point of view, but does not look very harmonious visually. The same strange impression is produced by the name of the company, stuck literally in the middle of the speaker.

The logos are also easy to see on the tweeter plate, lower mid/bass driver and on the sticker on the bottom of the case. But if you look closely, you'll find that they're also printed three times on the chassis of each mid/bass driver, for a total of nine.We think it's too much.

Review ProAc Response DT8

We have no complaints about the quality of the construction itself - it is good, as always with ProAc . At 98 cm high, the cabinets look very solid and stylish thanks to the strict contours and neat veneer-like vinyl covering.

The cabinet walls are made of variable thickness MDF to suppress resonance. Numerous ribs and damping material provide a solid, low-noise base on which the speakers can thrive.

The speakers come in five standard finishes - black ash, maple, mahogany, oak and cherry - so they will easily fit into any interior. For those who prefer something more exotic, there is an option to order one of two premium options, rosewood or ebony, for an additional 50,000 rubles.

Why use two different types of mid/bass drivers? From a design point of view, there is always a trade-off between midrange optimization and low-frequency performance of a particular driver. Developers are looking for a balance between the two, best suited for each model. Using different drivers working in tandem, ProAc engineers tried to combine the benefits of both approaches: a polypropylene cone at the top creates natural mids, while a hard mica-beaded polymer diaphragm at the bottom delivers powerful yet punchy bass. The challenge is how to get them to work together, and it's not easy to solve.

Review ProAc Response DT8

Despite a nominal impedance of just 4 ohms, the DT8s are not overly demanding on amplifiers. They have a fairly high sensitivity - 90 dB - so most models in a similar price category can easily cope with them.

These floorstanders use the traditional ProAc bass-reflex port layout with downward radiation and ventilation holes on the sides. This positioning makes them less fiddly to install than conventional rear-port speakers. In testing, we mounted the Response a meter from the back wall and a good distance from the side walls, and turned slightly towards the listener to focus stereo images.


Review ProAc Response DT8

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony demonstrates the scale of the ProAc sound , filled with power and fury. They joyfully and energetically convey all the sharp changes in dynamics, but at the same time masterfully recreate the subtlest nuances.

The tonal balance seems a little too straightforward, but thanks to the sophistication of the speakers, this is not a problem. However, you should still avoid components with too bright or aggressive sound.

DT8 manages to reveal many details and organize multi-layered information flows into a coherent whole. They flawlessly reproduce instrument textures and faithfully reproduce minimal changes in saturation and drive.

Review ProAc Response DT8

Stereo panorama is impeccable; The DT8s paint a massive sonic canvas and neatly arrange their instruments across it. The convincing sound of the orchestra extends far beyond the space between the speakers.

The album My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters And Men performed by ProAc is no less impressive. They do a great job of capturing the dynamics of songs like Mountain Sound while keeping the composition full of energy. The high level of elaboration and powerful attack that we noted in Beethoven's symphony are just as obvious here. DT8s easily retain control over multiple parts of individual instruments.

At first, the presence of two different types of speakers inspired us with concern, but these speakers are distinguished by expressiveness and transparency of the midrange. The voices sound very clear and are clearly audible against the backdrop of a complex instrumental backing.

When listening  to Massive Attack 's " Angel" , one of our favorite bass-heavy songs, ProAc continues to delight. 

The persistent bass guitar part sounds very incendiary. High mobility is combined with enviable power and weight; The DT8 cabinets are quite narrow, but they produce extremely convincing bass.


We liked these speakers; despite their rather unusual appearance, they have such an exciting sound that we simply have to unconditionally recommend them for acquaintance. Pay attention to the selection of the system - and ProAc will not disappoint you.

ProAc Response DT8 Specifications

Type - floor speakers

Sensitivity - 90 dB

Resistance - 4 Ohm

Maximum power - 180 W

Dual cable connection - Yes

Finishing options - 5

Dimensions (HxWxD) - 98 x 19 x 23 cm

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