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Tronsmart Onyx Prime review

Tronsmart Onyx Prime review: hybrid TWS headphones with excellent sound quality

Tronsmart Onyx Prime is a new model released by Tronsmart with audiophile in mind. As well as the first TWS headphones with dual hybrid driver technology combining a balanced armature and a dynamic driver.

After testing Onyx Prime for a few weeks, this review will go over the user experience and features that can be found. And is it worth paying attention to them.

Specifications of Tronsmart Onyx Prime


In-ear, TWS


Hybrid doubles (balanced armature + dynamic)


Qualcomm QCC3040

frequency range

10 Hz - 25 kHz


Bluetooth: 5.2

Audio codecs

AAC, SBC, AptX, AptX Adaptative

Bluetooth profiles

AVRCP v1.5,/A2DP v1.3/HFP v1.7

Bluetooth range

10 m

Noise suppression

CVC (software)

Active noise cancellation


Voice assistants

Google Assistant, Siri

Water and dust protection



50mAh earphone, 500mAh charging case


Up to 7 hours headphones, up to 40 hours with case

Wired charging

Yes, USB-C, in 2 hours

Wireless charger


Input voltage


Case dimensions


The weight

6.5g earpiece, 55.1g case



Unpacking and kit

The Tronsmart Onyx Prime arrives in a bright orange and white box, which is a visual treat for me.

The box is large, very descriptive, with a full-size picture of the headphones and case on the front and the specs on the back. On the side of the unfolded cover, a disassembled diagram of the device is shown, which is also very informative.

Contents of delivery:

TWS earphones in a case

USB Type-C charging cable

Three pairs of silicone tips

Three pairs of fixing attachments

Warranty and user manual

Design and features

The rigid design of the Tronsmart Onyx Prime headphones is made exclusively of black plastic (no other colors), shiny and smooth.

The body is a cylinder to which a plate extending to the side is attached. At the other end of this cylinder there are curved nozzles that make a sound. A fixing ring can be attached in the middle to improve the fit to the ear.

Inside Onyx Prime, two drivers are installed, dynamic and balanced hybrid.

On the outer round surface is the Tronsmart logo in white. Nearby is an oval hole covered with a mesh. To the right, there is an LED, and on the reverse (inner) side there are 4 gold-plated charging connectors. A hole on the bottom edge hides the microphones.

The cover is oval and not thick, although it is vertically unstable on a flat surface. The Tronsmart name is engraved on the top of the lid. At the bottom there is a USB Type-C connector, and a status LED. It flashes blue to indicate that the charge is between 21 and 100%, or red if the battery capacity is between 1 and 20%.

The earbuds are inside the case in auto-pairing mode as soon as you take them out of the case. Inside the case, they are arranged in profile, sound guides to each other, at an angle down.

If silicone tips with large “wings” are used, the case lid may not close properly. In the middle, in the case, there are small inscriptions L and R, indicating the correct side of placement in the ears. The design is comfortable, and the black, smooth coating of the case gives a special charm.

Comfort and fit

Although the appearance is bulky, the Tronsmart Onyx Prime is very light, weighing only 6.5 grams.

The landing is also comfortable thanks to the smooth glossy plastic, which hardly leaves fingerprints. Due to the thick cylindrical part, the plugs do not penetrate deep into the auditory canal. Therefore, they are well suited for people with small or sensitive ear canals.

Hold Onyx Prime securely, thanks to the nozzles and fixing elastic bands (wings), which are attached inside the auricle.

The kit includes nozzles of different sizes, so everyone can choose something for themselves. The comfort I received is acceptable, with a relative sense of tightness, closeness, isolation and a sense of security. The headset does not fall out with sudden movements, and does not create excessive pressure during prolonged use.

Connection and control

When it comes to communication, pairing the Tronsmart Onyx Prime with an audio source is almost instantaneous, simultaneously on both earbuds.

Communication is stable at a distance of about ten meters, even despite the walls and partitions. Moving around my two-room apartment, I did not notice any problems or breaks, which is not always so obvious with other models.

Tronsmart also took care to add touch control capabilities to Onyx Prime.

With a few gestures, you can control playback without taking out your smartphone. Put your finger on the sensor and hold for two seconds to turn on the headset. Long press for five seconds will turn off the device.

Double-tapping on either headphone will start or pause playback. The same action will allow you to answer a phone call or end it. And three touches of any sensor will activate the game mode with low latency.

You can also decrease or increase the volume with a single touch. To the right earpiece to increase, or to the left to decrease the decibels. Long press for two seconds is responsible for managing tracks. Holding a finger on the left moves backward, and the same on the right moves forward in the playlist.

Voice assistants are also supported, although the controls are a little tricky, it took me a while to get used to. However, you can activate Google Assistant, Bixby or Siri by double tapping and holding for one second.

I want to say a few words about the Tronsmart app. As soon as I connected the software, the firmware of my Onyx Primes was updated. With this application, you can activate game mode or music mode. Choose among various preset settings (there are 8 of them), as well as play around with a 5-band equalizer.

Sound quality

Onyx Prime has a Qualcomm QCC3040 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.2 communication and aptX, aptX Adaptive, AAC and SBC audio codecs.

The model is positioned as inexpensive, but for connoisseurs of high-quality sound. Although the mids are slightly pushed forward, this gives the tones a certain vibrancy. However, the midrange is not so far ahead as to block everything else.

Speaking purely about the merits of the audio, the sound quality of the Onyx Prime is decent, there is good detail and clarity.

The bass is quite deep, but a little slow, which lends a certain warmth and richness. Treble sounds good, but not great. Nevertheless, Tronsmart Onyx Prime's special sound signature allows you to enjoy your favorite music, for example, during a workout.

But, it can also emphasize the excessive accents of the compositions, which will lead to hiss or rasp in the vocal performance. The voices are transmitted so perfectly that you yourself want to sing along. And increased sharpening can give a kind of lift to tones. For inexpensive TWS headphones, the Onyx Prime sound pretty decent.

Noise isolation and microphones

Tronsmart Onyx Prime has average isolation even with dense silicone rubber bands, external sounds penetrate even in not the most noisy conditions.

I would recommend picking up third-party foam pads, however, not if you are cycling around the city. In such situations, noise is necessary for the sake of safety.

Call quality is good, and Game Mode offers fairly low latency. My voice sounded natural in the room, as well as background noise was cut off well. In the open air, it stood out noticeably from the sounds of the city and other noises, which turned into a "buzz". Again, the naturalness is preserved, but the clarity is a little lost.

Autonomy Tronsmart Onyx Prime

With an energy efficient Onyx Prime chip, provide good battery life.

I got 6-7 hours on a single charge, depending on the volume level and the type of content being played. Thanks to additional charges from the battery case, the total figure can reach 40 hours.

The USB C port supports fast charging, 10 minutes will give you 1 hour of use. The problem lies in the total charging time - the full process takes 2 hours. But, given the long playback time, this should not be a significant drawback.


Tronsmart Onyx Prime reminded me how fun music can be. For those on a budget, the headphones offer good value for money.

TWS with dual drivers is not that easy, there are many things to consider and get it right before releasing a model like this. It seems that Tronsmart understood this, and took their time before introducing a worthy first model of in-ear hybrid wireless headphones.

The sound here is attractive, with soul and without stinginess on details. The stage narrows or expands as needed. I suspect that Tronsmart will release other hybrid models soon, although for now I advise you to take a closer look at Prime. They are much better than attempts by KZ or other competitors, and are definitely interesting.

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