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what dose car accident lawyer do

what dose car accident lawyer do

what dose car accident lawyer do 

A victim is a person whose rights and interests are violated by a crime. At the same time, the victim is not only thperson who was directly harmed. It may be another person (for example, close relatives of the person who died as a result of an accident). However, the actual violation of rights must be confirmed legally.

Administrative cases on road accidents

By determining the driver's guilt in a traffic accident without victims

Everyone understands that it is necessary to prove that you were not the culprit of the accident. This is done not only for moral satisfaction. The decision made during the inquiry, which determines the guilty driver, subsequently serves as the basis for payments under OSAGO and evidence in court. It is important to start exercising your competent defense at the very beginning of the inquiry. An unreasonable ruling that you are guilty can be challenged by a lawyer in court.

By determining the guilt of the driver in a traffic accident with victims

These cases are complicated by the fact that in addition to subsequent disputes over compensation for harm, the driver may be deprived of the right to drive a vehicle. And if a medical examination shows that the harm to health is serious, then the case can turn into a criminal one. An accident lawyer will help you make the right explanations, prove your innocence, and if the traffic situation is clearly not in your favor, it will help to minimize the punishment and get by with a fine, not a deprivation of your rights.

Civil disputes in cases of road accidents

Disputes with insurance companies on OSAGO.

With the right set of documents, OSAGO compensation can be obtained even before going to court. In the event of a litigation, the receipt of money from the insurance company is much faster than from the driver. If the insurance company feels that they are losing, then the reimbursement occurs even before a decision is made.

An accident lawyer knows that failure to comply with a preliminary appeal to an insurance company may be grounds for leaving a claim (both against the insurer and against the guilty driver) without consideration due to non-compliance with the pre-trial settlement procedure.

Disputes with insurance companies on CASCO and DAGO.

Even good companies pay under the CASCO policy not for all insured events. The accident may seem suspicious to the insurer (one participant in the accident, the damage does not correspond to the traffic situation, the inspector drew up documents inconsistently, an allegedly suspicious case of vehicle theft, and so on). Only an accident lawyer will help you prove that your version of the development of a traffic accident is correct , help you conduct an autotechnical and sometimes investigative examination, and convince the court that the damage assessment of the insurance company is clearly underestimated.

Recovery from the guilty driver of expenses in case of damage to the car.

If the damage to the car exceeds the insurance payment under OSAGO, then the difference is collected from the owner of the car. In this category of accident cases, a lawyer will help to correctly establish and prove the amount of damage, check compliance with the pre-trial settlement procedure, which is now mandatory, and help establish the degree of guilt of each driver.

Recovery of compensation for moral damage and harm to health.

In cases involving fatal or personal injury accidents, a lawyer is called upon to recover moral damages in connection with the death of close relatives, to compensate for lost earnings and treatment costs.

Criminal proceedings

Protection of the driver in a criminal case on an accident.

Only a good criminal lawyer will be able to defend the driver in case of a fatal accident or infliction of grievous bodily harm on the victim, help to stop the case for reconciliation with the victim. In such cases, not only the rights and material claims are at stake, but also the freedom of the driver. These cases are very specific, there is a lot that can be done to protect the driver, so contact experienced professionals.

Representing the interests of the victims.

An experienced accident lawyer will be able to achieve the cancellation of the decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case, will ensure the rights of the victims for adequate compensation for the harm caused to them.

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